Vilnius CUP 2017

13th - 17th September

Vilnius, Lithuania


Wednesday, 13th September
  1100 Invitational Teams - round robin
Thursday, 14th September
  1100 Invitational Teams - semi finals
         Invitational Teams - swiss (final B)
         Invitational Teams - final & play-off
  1700 Commercial Pairs
Friday, 15th September
  1100 Teams Tournament (Grand Prix of Poland) - qualifications
Saturday, 16th September
  1100 Pairs Tournament (Grand Prix of Poland)
Sunday, 17th September
  1000 Teams Tournament (Grand Prix of Poland) - final
  1100 Pairs Tournament (IMPs)
         Pairs Tournament (IMPs) - 3rd session
  All times in GMT+3 (local Vilnius time).

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