aktywatorFork of michzimny's Aktywator 22 months
arbor-flowchartsFlowchart generating utility based on arbor.js 5 years
bbo-finderUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 6 months
bcddDouble-dummy analysis for PBN files using BCalc library 22 months
bigdealFork of Hans van Staveren's BigDeal software 3 years
bigdeal-testTest tools for BigDeal diffusion 3 years
bootswatchFork of 5 years
bs-ecats-converterBackup of BridgeSpider-to-eCats converter repo 3 years
bs-eloElo rankings for BridgeSpider 19 months
cyganieModelowanie zachowania kart cygana dla Crazy Tournament 6 years
czarekSkrócone metryczki z Cezara 6 years
deal-convertDeal Converter 5 months
elo-f1Ranking Grand Prix drivers using Elo rating system. 5 days
emkael.github.ioSource for static generated content for github pages 11 months
ergast-goodiesHelper utilities for F1 Ergast Database 5 days
etckeeperFork of git:// 5 years
howellkiWizualizacja rotacji turniejów brydża porównawczego 5 years
kanbanCustom fork of 12 months
osikaNarzędzie oceny siły rąk brydżowych w oparciu o algorytmy licytacji naturaln...5 years
pary-biddingWyświetlanie danych licytacji zebranych w BWS na wynikach z JFR Pary 3 years
pary-virtual-tableWyświetlanie danych wirtualnego stołu (np. gier obserwowanych) na wynikach tur...4 years
pattonSkrypty SQL do liczenia Pattona w JFR Teamach 3 years
pradoFork of Prado PHP framework 4 years
pybcddPython3 port of BCDD 20 months
pyczarekSkrócone metryczki Cezara, wersja mod_python 15 months
pzbs-liga-ausbutlerNormalized butler automation scripts for top-level divisions in Polish Bridge Un...7 months
pzbs-liga-playoffDrabinki playoff dla DMP 8 months
pzbs-rankingVisualisation for PBU's ranking 7 days
pzbs.github.ioPZBS IT Committee website 12 days
racing-calCalendar for racing series 3 years
rrb2txtText files export (KOPS-style) from RRBridge results 6 years
social2rssRSS channel script to serve various social media feeds as RSS feeds 6 weeks
spedytorMySQL dump/S3 upload utility 19 months
tc-backupBackup Tournament Calculator result pages 15 months
teamy-ausbutler"Australian" (normalized) Butler scores for JFR Teamy 19 months
teamy-diff-dealsLet JFR Teamy use different deals per table
teamy-playoffPlayoff HTML generator for JFR Teamy 7 weeks
teamy-playoff-guiPlayoff visualizer for JFR Teamy 4 years
teamy-quick-lineupCommand-line interface for line-up management in JFR Teamy. 3 years
teamy-restorererScripts to restore JFR Teamy tournament from HTML files 14 months vCards for JFR Teamy team rosters 3 years
ut-statsUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 4 months
wms-pythonUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 24 months
worldbridge-butlerButler script for round-robin worldbridge/eurobridge tournament result sites 2 years
worldbridge-pairs-scraperScraper for worldbridge/eurobridge pairs tournaments result pages 2 years